Leases Website

What is the Website Leasing?

The leasing of websites is a helpful tool for any entrepreneur who wants to start a new business with web presence without incurring the full cost of ownership. From hundreds of website designs for any category of work, you can choose an already built website in exchange for monthly or annual payments. Hosting creation, maintenance, optimization, and operating can be included in the cost, so you can start receiving leads right away! Besides a basic lease plan, you can have lease – to – own contract, which takes a portion of a monthly payment towards the cost of a website, and then you have an option to buy it out at a minimal cost.

Incredibly advantageous option for small (and not only) businesses. Our web designers & developers collaborate with the client to design the perfect style, outline, fill it out with the content, and make it ready for advertising. While you keep the costs low, you can attract more customers to your business via ads. Ideal decision for a small business to get its way to internet without wasting money on high-cost IT experts.

An extra point of leasing a website is the possibility of testing your internet presence and clearly see a benefit from listing online. In example, a local body shop agreed on annual website lease to see if online presence helps them to reach a preferable quota of newly attended customers. In case the website doesn’t bring the satisfying results or desired revenue, the body shop can easily put down the leased site when it’s due to expire.

Whenever a website is being leased, the customer can be worried about something more serious, than technical outbreaks or issues related to the website. As it was stated in lease agreement – owner of the website takes care of technical problems. Also, you have a chance to create as much content you want, anytime every month!